Your privacy

Your order will be discreetly packaged and will not include references relating to the product purchased or site name purchased from. The Senders name displayed on your package will be “PREVAIL WELLNESS LTD”.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and with our discreet packaging you can shop in confidence. With totally plain packaging, the only person getting excited by your delivery is you.

Sure, we are all proud sexual beings. But no one needs the mail person delivering a penis shaped parcel while you wave your parents good bye after a visit. All interesting shapes will be boxed and hidden.

How will my package be sent?

Your order will be delivered by Royal Mail, the most trustiest and reliable carrier in the U.K. All orders are sent in plain, discreet packaging to prevent anyone from guessing what’s inside the parcel or who it’s from. Most orders will be sent with heavy duty Jiffy bags which offer maximum protection during transit. Some orders may be sent in secure cardboard boxes or padded satchels depending on the particular order type. 

  • (A) Plain padded envelops.
  • (B) Plain box (Large) 305 x 229 x 152.
  • (C) Plain box (Small) 203 x 152 x 102.

What will my package look like?

Your package will always be 100% private and discreet. It will look like any other ordinary package you would receive in the mail. There is absolutely no way of telling what’s in your package or whom it is from.

What will be written on my package?

Attached to your package will be a discreet generic Royal Mail shipping label. Your delivery name and address will be provided, as well as our discreet return address. The senders name will be displayed as PREVAIL WELLNESS LTD, including our return address. At no time will there be any reference to GAY TOY SHOP or any reference to the type of products enclosed. Your privacy will always be respected and your delivery will always be discreet.

  • Return address is “Prevail Wellness Ltd”.
  • No indication of contents.